Ready for a heartfelt Energy Reading to ignite the flow in your business?


Are you a spiritual entrepeneur? A coach, healer, or reader?



Ever feel like your business flow hits a roadblock?



Like you’re riding a wave you can’t control? Maybe you’re spotting patterns holding you back from the thriving business you dream of.

If you're willing to dive deep into the energy of your business (or work) to unleash its full potential and embrace success, you're in the right place!

I'm Daily Coffie, a certified Coach on a mission to ignite your Star Power and guide you through the magic of power skills and business energetics.


With my Chakra Business Reading, you’ll get a crystal-clear view of your business’s energy flow.


Using my special tools – like my chakra board- I’ll track and analyze the flow of energy. And with the help of tarot and oracle cards, we’ll uncover hidden dynamics that may be blocking your flow.


I’ll help you align the necessary energies to create a thriving flow for your business.

This reading isn't just about identifying pain points; it's about celebrating your strengths and unlocking your true potential.



You’ll discover how your personal energy shapes your business journey, because let’s face it, you are the heart and soul of your business!



Are you ready to dive into this transformative journey?



Choose the reading that resonates with you:


Short & Sweet Chakra Business Reading (€97): A burst of clarity when you need it most.


General Chakra Business Reading (€297): Dive deeper into your business energetics.


In-depth Chakra Business Reading (€444): Let’s fully immerse ourselves, uncovering every facet of your business and flow, with tailored coaching to fuel your success.


I’d love to begin this journey together! Book now to unlock your business’s full potential.


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Chakra Business Reading 97


Chakra Business Reading 297


Chakra Business Reading 444


From the moment I met Daily, I felt that instant connection. We share many commonalities, and it’s precisely because of this that I feel comfortable opening up to her vulnerably, enabling me to further work on my own processes. A session with her is not only an energy boost but also a clear reading, giving you exactly what you need to do.

I recommend every entrepreneur to treat themselves to such a boost filled with insights at least every six months.

Liefs, Hanneke

I’m always open to tarot cards, and this appealed to me very quickly. Especially because I kept seeing messages and cards from Daily on Instagram that gave me beautiful answers at that moment.

The reading has brought me a lot. Firstly, that I need to return to my feminine energy and strength. Also, that I could run my practice in a different way. I would definitely recommend a reading to other women because I experienced it as very good. Much of what I heard I could immediately understand and apply.

Aoeska Maduro


I have been following Daily Coffie for some time and was greatly impressed by her online videos. Every time, it seemed like the cards were speaking directly to me. I decided to book a coaching session. I first had a nice introductory conversation and two days later, the session took place.


For me, it was a special and beautiful experience. With her clear explanations, several things, both personally and professionally, fell into place for me, giving me something to work on. She has a warm and honest personality, and that’s exactly how I experienced the session. I want to express my immense gratitude to Daily and can definitely recommend her if you’re dealing with certain issues, obstacles, or challenges.

Jennifer Camron | owner of Business Development for Women